Motion Sensor microwave with DIP switches

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220V/AC-240V/AC 1200w 360 degree Microwave Sensor Light Switch Induction Microwave Motion Sensor 5.8GHz CW radar ISM band

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The microwave sensors is according to the microwave Doppler effect , it can be widely used in as automatic control switch, the security system, and Automatic video control system of ATM, as well as other automatic induction control area.

The Detection way has the below advantages compared with other as follows:

  1. Non-contact Detection,
  2. Suitable for bad environment, immune to temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust, Light
  3. RF interference ability
  4. Transmission power only 0.2 mW, it will not harm the human Body. Simple installation+ easy wiring.

We use appropriative micro processing integrator, not Only for high sensitivity and wide range of detection, and on very reliable work, error rate is Extremely low, It can stable working on the temperature range: – 15 ~ + 70 Celsius degrees.



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