Motion Sensor microwave with POT switches

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NEW 360 Degree Radar motion Sensor Light Switch Body Motion Detector Microwave Sensor Switch 5.8GHz Radar Sensor Switch

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  • Microwave sensor
    This motion detector adopts a microwave sensor based on advanced technology which is safe and sensitive than infrared sensor, and the detection signal can penetrate through doors, glass panels or thin walls.
  • High Performance
    It can provides high probability of detection, low nuisance alarm and resistant to rain, dog, wind, dust, snow and temperature extremes.
  • User-friendly extended sensing design
    If someone continuously moves in the sensing area, the sensing signal will automatically extend the sensing time, and will not re-sensing after the light is extinguished.
  • Easy to install
    The wire connection method is more scientific than other products. It has 2 inlet holes and 2 outlet holes. Easy to connect and install. And pluggable terminals are used. Easy and quick to complete the installation.
  • Wide use
    It can be applied to any load, such as monitoring device, alarm equipment, LED lights, fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, exhaust fans, solenoid valves, etc.


Type Sensor Switch
Material: plastic
Color: White
Quantity: 1 pc
Power supply: 220-240V AC
Power Frequency: 50/60HZ
HF system: 5.8GHZ±75MHz CW radar, ISM
Power consumption: Approx. 0.5W
Installation kit: ceiling mounting
Reach:1-8m(radii.), adjustable
Time setting: 8sec to 30min
Detection angle:360°
Light control:5-2000LUX
Transmission Power: <0.2mW
Operating Temperatures:-15°C to 70°C
Size: 6.8*4.1*3.9cm/2.67*1.61*1.53inch
Net weight: 46g/1.62oz



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